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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Sometimes the Posts? They Write Themselves.

So, in my continuing quest to better myself, I decided to go to Barnes and Noble last night and see if I could find any books or music to stimulate my higher-brow tastes. Oscar and Turtle decided to come with me, so we made it a family affair. We got dinner, and walked back to the store. While I looked through the books and music, Oscar took Turtle to play in the kids' play area. I found a few things, but didn't buy anything (I'm thinking it's time to get a new library card.) On the way out, Turtle found a really cool book, built into the mouth of a hand puppet. It's less creepy than it sounds, really. Turtle fell in love with it. He picked up the box and handed it to Oscar, who looked at me with the "What do I do?" eyes. I, being quicker on my feet, told Turtle that the cool puppet book couldn't come home with us but he could visit it again soon and say it's time to say "bye." Turtle said, "BYE!" and waved. (All together now.....Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!)

In any event, we head back to the car and get the Turtle settled into his car seat. Oscar gets into the driver's side, and we start pulling out of our parking space. And we're backing up....and we're backing up...and we're backing up....and it's late, so there's really not that many cars around us......and it doesn't matter, because all of a sudden *THWACK* *BUMP, BUMP*.....

Me: Um, babe?
Oscar: Don't worry, we just hit a tree.
Me: *silence*
Oscar: What? Did you think we hit another car?
Me: Well, I knew we hit SOMETHING.
Oscar: Yeah, oops. I thought I had enough space to get between the planters.
Me: Uh-huh.

But really? That's not all. It gets even better. Cut to 10 minutes later and we're exiting the freeway to go home. We're stuck behind a big SUV, whose driver is admittedly being an idiot. And Oscar is getting frustrated. And the steam starts coming out of his ears, and when he finally can get around this SUV, whose driver has obviously touched a nerve with my otherwise unflappable husband (she says, ironically), the following exchange occurs:

Oscar: GAWD! Little Dude, you are SO going to learn how to drive the RIGHT WAY!


Me: That's why you're learning to drive with Mommy, Little Dude.

And that was my evening, in three acts.


At February 23, 2006 11:55 AM, Blogger Bibydays said...

Actually commenting on Monday's post, and honored to be the first to comment in general. At least this bi blogger (and I am sure the others) take comfort in knowing you are reading and thinking about us. You should not have an inferiority complex - you are clearly intelligent and insightful and I think my wife is looking forward to e-mailing you.

The thing about being a geek - its a life long thing - is that we have the better deal as adults, but I still feel like I am at the kids table - a fact that I cherish more as I get older.

And most importantly, don't knock Pete's Dragon - I must have watched that a hundered times and always had a soft spot for it.


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