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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Identity Crisis...

I'm beginning to think there is something wrong with us. Best Friend and I have been struggling for a while to come up with a name that suits her, but we got nothin'. We've asked close friends of ours to weigh in and still nothing. The closest we've come was her suggestion of "Contemptua Nervosa" but in the cold light of day we realized that didn't work. She's not contemptuous, really. Snarky, yes. Sarcastic and bitchy on occasion, yes. But contemptuous? Not really. At least, not until she gets to know you better.

So this not having a name thing is really starting to bother Best Friend. And me, really. Because it's hard to cling to the idea that maybe, just maybe, you are clever and witty when you can't even come up with a clever and witty name for someone who will be featured prominently in your blog.

Best Friend recently wrote me a note about this dilemma. She is thinking about starting a blog about how she's not clever and witty enough to come up with a name for herself. (I know what you're thinking....why start a blog? Then she'd have to find a name for herself AND a name for the blog. HA! Fooled you...She already had a name for her blog picked out. She was going to call it "The Irony and the Ecstasy". Isn't that brilliant? And this topic would certainly fit under that heading.) She's thinking that she could change her potential name with every entry until she finds one that fits. Seriously, people, we're desperate.

I'm wondering if maybe the problem is that we've placed too much importance on this. Maybe we just have performance anxiety. Neither one of us does our best work when we're under pressure. We come up with the best zingers and bon mots off the cuff. And they are usually directed at Oscar, being as he is the most readily available target. So perhaps, then, that is the answer? We need to start aiming our vitriol at Oscar until we find that one offhand remark that inspires one, or both, of us to tap into our collective brilliance? Oh, I'm sure he can't wait.


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