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Saturday, March 18, 2006

A Thrill A Minute

It's almost 7:45pm on a Saturday night. The roommate, Hotass, is on a mini-vacation in Lake Havasu. Turtle is spending the night at Mama and Papa Jo's place. Oscar doesn't have anything pressing to do for his consulting company. So what are we doing with ourselves this evening? Well, I'm sitting on the couch with my computer on my lap and Oscar is sitting in the chair with his computer on his lap. The room is silent except for the sound of my fingers tapping the keys on my keyboard and the sound effects from the computer game Oscar is playing. Oh, yeah, baby....we are so exciting, you only WISH you could be like us!

I would question when it was in our lives that Oscar and I became such boring people, but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't enjoy the answer. Quite honestly, I've always been a homebody type. I don't really enjoy bars and clubs. I can enjoy them in short bursts, but with nights off as few and far between as ours are, I would rather spend my time relaxing at home with Oscar, a good movie and a bottle of wine. Oscar is a little more interested in going out and doing things with his free time, but he's been so tired lately with all of the work he's been doing, a quiet evening at home holds much appeal for him right now, too. So unless he suggests hitting a strip club, or getting drunk on "Cocksucking Cowboys" at the local Irish pub (don't ask......), it looks like these two wild and crazy kids have an appointment with the DVD player and an early bedtime tonight.

In light of all that, I find it somewhat comical that my brother is making a big deal out of the fact that I'm turning 30 this year. I mean, if I fit the stereotype of the person whose twenties were a blur of parties, experimentation, bad financial decisions and lots and lots of alcohol, I suppose finding myself on the threshold of my thirties would be a little daunting. It would probably be a wakeup call that I can't live that kind of life forever and it's time to start settling down and thinking about the future. But I turned 30 in my early twenties, so the fact that my driver's license is now going to confirm that I'm a grown-up with a family, a mortgage, and a car payment is no big deal.

Still, I don't want to be almost-30 and have my life be completely devoid of excitement. So I'm trying to find ways to shake things up a bit, including planning a trip to New York for Oscar's 30th birthday, which is also this year. Given what I've been learning about the cost of getting a hotel room in New York, I'm thinking I should have started planning for this trip in 2002, but we'll make it work. It won't solve the problem of being losers for whom the highlight of the week is watching Grey's Anatomy on Sunday and The Amazing Race on Tuesday, but we do what we can.


At March 18, 2006 9:13 PM, Anonymous Oscar said...

I didn't think we were really that boring, but I guess of late, we are. *sigh*

Well, let's go to a strip club then AND get drunk on "Cocksucking Cowboys".


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