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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Our First Date

So. I ended up going out with the Boyfriend Saturday night. I have been meaning to blog about this little date of ours since it happened, but my internet connection has been tenuous at best, and I haven't had a lot of time. Also? I was kind of waiting to see if he would say anything about it first. But he didn't, so it falls to me to fill you in on all of the gory details. Which totally figures, because everyone talks about how men are all about the locker room conversations, but really it's the women who sit down and dissect every minute of every date they go on. I blame it on our gossip gene.

In any event, Boyfriend's wife had to cancel for personal reasons, so it ended up being just the two of us. I was kind of bummed that I wasn't going to have a chance to meet her. On the other hand, when I was in the shower, getting ready, I found that I was more nervous about the idea of meeting the wife than I was about meeting the Boyfriend. I figured I already had him in my pocket, but I wasn't sure how hard I was going to have to work to win her over. And I really wanted to win her over. So finding out that she wasn't going to be able to join us was a bummer, but it kind of took some of the pressure off.

I got lost twice on my way to the restaurant, mostly because of the limitations of Mapquest directions, so I was really worried about being late. But I managed to make it there before the Boyfriend. The place was packed and when I spoke to the hostess, I found out we had an hour wait ahead of us. I stood by the door and watched for him. Luckily, I knew what he looked like, so I recognized him immediately when he walked up. First impressions? So. Very. Cute. Cuter than I had been expecting, actually. Good genes, that guy. Also? Captivating eyes. And once we got to talking? Great sense of humor, excellent conversationalist, and overall fantastic company.

The conversation flowed easily. We talked about everything. Our spouses, our engagements/weddings/wedding rings, kids, vacations, our families, sex, drugs, my underwear, his underwear, food, our blogs, bad breath.....we never lacked for a subject. I expected it to be a little awkward, having established this relationship online but never having met in person. Thankfully, it really wasn't. In fact, things went so well, I was shocked when our date ended and I realized that over three hours had elapsed while we talked, laughed and got to know each other.

My only complaint? Boyfriend is VERY tough to read. Or maybe I was just feeling a little insecure after basically being told how worthless I am for four days. (Thanks Wicked Witch of the East!) I could not tell if he was having as much fun as I was. It was very unsettling. But I got a very nice text message from him on my way home, so I'm assuming the little mutual admiration society we had established is still living up to the "mutual" part of the equation.

Anyway, I'm REALLY glad we were able to meet, particularly since I had perma-grin on my face for hours afterwards. It was a fantastic break from the nightmare of dealing with Wicked Witch and her house full of random detritus. I just wish Oscar and Boyfriend's wife had been able to join us, as well. Maybe next time. Because I'm sure we'll be doing this again.


At April 28, 2006 7:25 PM, Anonymous Boyfriend's wife! said...

Ahh... No reason to be nervous to meet little ole me. :) Actually, I really, really hope we will get a chance again to get together. And yeah, very. cute. indeed. Aren't I lucky!

And, yes, he is hard to read. Don't worry, it's not just you. After almost 6 year of marriage, I STILL feel that way sometimes.

BF's W.

PS--he had a GREAT time...



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