Are You KIDDING Me With This???

Thursday, May 18, 2006

A Word About Hair 4 was that time of the month. Again. Time to go get my hair cut. And while I was originally quite smitten with the style Andrea gave me, over the last month or so I became disenchanted. Not that the hair cut was bad...just that with my features and my lifestyle, the hair didn't quite say what I wanted it to say about me. So when I sat down and Andrea asked me what we were doing, I looked at her and shrugged. She asked me how I felt about my cut, and being that she is completely awesome, I had no hesitation about telling her that while there were days I loved my hair, there were also days when I really didn't like it all that much. So she asked me what bothered me about my hair on the days when I didn't like it so much. gets kind of flat, and it's almost too pear-shaped, and it lacks body and it doesn't frame my face well. And Andrea looked at me and said, "I can agree completely with everything you just said. It's too conservative, I think. Your hair right now is more saying 'Soccer Mom' than 'Sassy Tramp' and that's maybe not what we want to say."

I can't tell you what a relief it is to have a stylist understand in a few words that you're tired of looking like the good girl, and instead want to start looking like the slutty whore you are.

So she cut it. And I couldn't tell that there was much of a difference happening, until I put on my glasses and went, "Holy shit, that's cool!" Because my hair is now a zillion different lengths. And it looks completely different from the way it looked before. And it is nothing like any style I've ever had in all of my 30 years. And it's totally frickin' cool! Again, no pictures, because you would be so enamoured, you'd start stalking me, and I'm already busy enough doing some stalking of my own (at some point, I'll actually get around to telling you about the trainer at my gym.....) But trust me....I'm a hottie.


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