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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Nothing To See Here

I have nothing to say. (Okay, clearly that is not the case, but let's pretend for a moment, shall we?) Why do I have nothing to say? Well, for most of the last week, I have been engaged in an intense dialogue with a fellow blogger about heavy life issues, and it has taken most of my considerable brain cells and quite a bit of my heart to find the right words to tell him to stop being such an idiot. (Okay, "idiot" is a little harsh. But we all know that most of what I say here is exaggerated for effect, right? Well, except for that story about the chick with the perfume at the gas station. That happened EXACTLY like I said it did.)

Then there was the incident with Turtle a couple of days ago, which broke my heart. See, Turtle loves to cook with Mommy and Daddy, so he often drags a chair over to the counter so he can help us prep the meals. Well, he lost his balance while cooking his eggs on Thursday morning, and he threw a hand out to catch himself. Unfortunately, he threw his hand out towards the burner and managed to take quite a bit of skin off one finger and blistered another one badly. He didn't cry much, because he's a trooper, but I have been beating myself up ever since.

Then, today, we got up early with Turtle, and drove across town to have breakfast with Mama and Papa Jo. The plan was for him to spend the day with them, while Oscar and I painted the front bedroom. Well, he spent the day with them, alright, but not much painting was accomplished. I always manage to forget how much effort and energy goes into prepping a room for paint. Particularly a room in which you've just removed the popcorn ceiling. Getting the walls clean was an adventure. Just a hint: when the water you're using to clean the walls comes out black at the end, your walls are disgustingly dirty. Just so you know.

Then we took a little trip to Lowe's to purchase salt and chlorine. Why? I'm so glad you asked. Because the same day that the police officer showed up at the front door to ask if we knew anything about the little girl wandering our neighborhood sans parental supervision? We got a visit from a Maricopa County official because they'd received an anonymous complaint about our pool and suspected it was a mosquito breeding ground. (Okay, look, I know it's gross, but I'm only one person, people! Oscar's been busy. Things fall by the wayside when you have a 2 year old! Don't judge me!) So we've been spending the last month or so trying to get our pool to not be so green and cloudy and gross. And today, we needed more chlorine, because we're ALMOST there, and more salt, because our pool is supposed to be on a salt system of cleaning and clarifying our pool water. But we have had no salt. Hence the green, cloudy, gross water.

Then we had to rush home, dump the 760 pounds of chlorine and salt in our backyard before quickly getting ready to pick up Turtle on one end of town and race back towards the other end of town to attend the baptism of a friend's little girl. Thankfully, Oscar asked me to call Mama and Papa Jo before we got too far down the road, because Mama and Papa Jo offered to just keep our little Turtle overnight. Hallelujah, people! Oscar and I are getting a mini-vacation from parenting this evening!

So you see, there hasn't been much going on that's worth writing about. And now with a child-free evening ahead of us, Oscar and I are planning on making good use of it by curling up in bed watching a movie. Which is why I have nothing to say tonight. If I don't get in that bed soon, Oscar is going to start without me. If you know what I mean. And I think you do.


At June 05, 2006 9:43 AM, Blogger Nate said...

Wonder who the idiot is... Wait - that would be me. You do realize that anyone can be an idiot but very few of us are lucky enough to have someone who will take the time to tell us - not only to tell us but to actually say why.

So in exchange the idiot offers the secret to the universe: Shock -no, not the feeling when your friends call at 3:20 AM - the type you buy in the pool store. Once you get the pool stabilized, two scoops every Sunday night. Take it from one who lives on the edge of green hell and whose spouse can live with my infidelities, trips to other cities, general propensity for bj's - but she does have her limits. To be blunt given a choice of hearing about the green pool or being arrested in an adult book store (don't worry - I no longer do those places) - well, I would probably go for the arrest

Off to the therapist - Whopee


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