Are You KIDDING Me With This???

Monday, July 17, 2006

Reason #187 Why My Husband Is Awesome

My weekend was certainly not what I had hoped. After traveling on Wednesday and trying to get back to a regular schedule on Thursday and Friday, I had formed this vision in my mind that the weekend would be calm and relaxing and would mostly consist of us sitting around, watching the Food Network and ordering take-out. Instead, I dragged Turtle over to Mama Jo's house and then, later, to Snark's Mistress's house so Oscar could have quiet, uninterrupted time with which to finish up a consulting project. And although he was able to get quite a bit done, all of that time he spent working meant we didn't spend very much time together as a family, and I didn't have too much help managing Turtle. So much for the nice, relaxing, "all couch potato, all the time" weekend I had envisioned.

As a result, I wasn't in the best of moods by the time last night rolled around. In fact, I was pretty bitchy. It didn't help, of course, that part of the reason I was so bitchy was that I really couldn't blame anyone for my pissy mood. It's not like Oscar wanted to spend his whole weekend working any more than I wanted him to. And the money he brings in from doing these consulting projects is extremely valuable to our family. So really, I was cranky and bitchy and I couldn't blame anyone which just made me more cranky and bitchy and it was a vicious, vicious cycle, is all I'm saying.

Which brings me to why my husband is awesome: after putting up with my terse, one-word answers to his questions and my snappish comments and bitchy mood in general, Oscar disappeared into the kitchen for a while. And when Oscar came back out from the kitchen, he had my foot spa in his hands, already filled with warm water. And after letting me soak my feet, Oscar then dried them both and gave them brief massages. And after giving my feet massages, he......can you believe this?.......gave me a pedicure. That's right. He cleaned up my cuticles and painted my toenails and OMIGOD I have the BEST. HUSBAND. EVER!!!!!

Know what else? He didn't even expect to get laid after all of that! He just did it to make me feel better because he knew I was in a bad mood. HOW DID I GET THIS LUCKY???? Now I'm kind of wondering what I could get for him on eBay. Not that I am looking to get rid of him because HELLO? You do not get rid of a man who gives you a pedicure without demanding sex later. I'm just thinking maybe we could make some extra money if I rented him out for an hour at a time.... that I think of it, that's a posting better suited to craigslist than eBay. We'll be out of debt before we know it.


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