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Friday, September 08, 2006

While We're On The Subject...

I had this dream the other night that I was competing on Project Runway. We were in Mood, looking for fabric. I don't remember the details of the challenge, except that it had something to do with gardens. For some reason, I had decided to quilt a sort of banner, kind of like McMama has displayed in her foyer. I was planning on it being really cute. So, having picked out my fabrics, and decided on my design, I was feeling rather pleased with myself. There was plenty of time left to just wander around and see what else was available.

It wasn't until there was only 7 minutes left to shop that it occurred to me that while the quilted banner was going to be quite adorable, it wouldn't really do any good for my model, who was ostensibly going to be traveling down the runway nude. I ran around Mood like a chicken with her head cut off, looking for something, anything that would complement my quilted banner (how fashion forward am I???). In the meantime, it ran through my mind that I didn't even know how to sew. What was I doing on Project Runway? I mean, I could understand competing on The Amazing Race. "Go here, take this pre-selected taxi and driver to this address, and hand the egg to the sherpa to get your next clue?" I can do THAT. "Update the look of a fashion icon and use a *gasp* sewing machine?" Not so much.

I don't know if I managed to get what I needed before The Gunn called time. I woke up before the end of the challenge. But I'm sure I was fine. The quilted banner really got me off.


At September 09, 2006 11:07 AM, Anonymous McMama said...

Ok, Cymber. I think your OCD and Project Runway have collided. That and the fact that you're coming here to SEW! 13 days and counting.


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