Are You KIDDING Me With This???

Monday, February 12, 2007


I would love to jump in here with something particularly clever and witty, bowling you over with how effortlessly I make the mundane seem entertaining. Regrettably, there is nothing entertaining about this headache I've had for the past five days (it started out as a caffeine withdrawal headache and is now a "here's what you get for tripping over the paperwork in your office! Maybe now you'll clean up around here and thus avoid the neck wrenching" headache,) nor is there anything particularly entertaining about a Turtle who is not getting nearly enough sleep lately and is therefore talking back to us and turning his back on us more often than I can throw him in time out. At this rate, he'll be 43 before he leaves his bedroom again.

It's sad, really, because I still have two posts that I'm working on, one of which is the aforementioned post about my bathroom habits, which I'm sure you can't WAIT to read, because really, what is more interesting than learning about someone's bathroom neuroses? And I have a few other things running around in my head which are just waiting to be turned into either coherent posts or really whacked out dreams. But my brain is not cooperating, so it will have to wait until another day.

I know. You're sad. I'm sad too. But as I've often told Turtle, wipe your tushie. No, wait. That wasn't it. Oh, I've got it. Sometimes life just doesn't work out like you want it to, so put away your go-gos and we'll play later. Right. That.


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