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Friday, March 02, 2007

Current Events

Snark's Mistress and I don't always sit around and talk about Stargate SG-1 or the hotness of our favorite celebrities or other shallow things. From time to time, we do actually get into conversations about current events. Such as this one:

Me: Okay, no shit, one of the headlines on MSN right now is "Swiss troops accidentally invade Liechtenstein"
Snark's Mistress: OMG!!! I saw that! I was going to talk to you about it, but I forgot.
Me: What IS that? That's craziness right there
SM: That totally made me laugh.
SM: I know. I know it's a small country, but still...
Me: My question is, what happened when they figured that out? Okay, men, I need you and you, on the flank, and you and you to take our six, and we're moving in on my mark. We're going to take those German bastards! "Um, sir, permission to speak freely, sir." This is not the time, lieutenant! We're about to invade Germany. "Well, yes, sir, but the thing is, this is Liechtenstein." Oh, bother.
SM: Fabulous.
Me: Although, you know what else I find funny about this story?
SM: ?
Me: It was the damn SWISS! Aren't they supposed to be busy staying neutral?
SM: Heh. Totally.

Of course, now, I can't wait to see what Jon Stewart has to say about this.


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