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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Turtle: The New Face Of Starbucks

Like most little boys, Turtle has a whole army of toy cars with which he plays (and often leaves lying around on the floor, in the hopes that Mommy will step on one in bare feet and treat him to a lesson of "very special words" that he can use the next time he's hanging with his grandparents.) Most days, he asks me to put on Cars (a movie we watch at least 3 times a day) while he uses the coffee table as a race track, walking around it over and over again while pushing a few of his cars in a simulated race. Sometimes, he even asks me to help race with him, which gets really exciting, particularly when he wants me to go "faster!!!" and I end up getting dizzy and nauseated and quitting early while he's crowing about winning the race. (Note to self: discuss the concept of "good sportsmanship" with Turtle.) Today, however, was a little different.

Today, he walked over to his shelf on our entertainment center and grabbed one of his larger books, plopping it in the middle of the coffee table. He lined up all of his cars on one edge of the book. Then, he pulled one of the cars to the corner of the book, drove around that corner, and pulled it up to the middle of the other side. And then:

"I want a venni decaf nah-fat carmuhl nacchiato." *pause* "Yep, that's it!"

Having placed his order, he pulled his car forward, and grabbed the next car in line to pull it around the corner, pull up to the middle of the book and order. Remarkably, all of the cars ordered the same thing.

Two things are now abundantly clear to me. First, I need to be very, very careful what I say around my child, because he is obviously listening to every word (which also means I need to pay attention where I'm stepping so his car-shaped land mines don't cause a verbal explosion.) And second, I'm in a Starbucks rut and really need to try something new.


At July 25, 2007 7:44 PM, Blogger Hotass said...

Love. This. Post. :D

At February 15, 2010 12:38 PM, Blogger Lindsay said...

can't believe i didn't know you had a blog.
1. you're a jerk.
2. this post was hilarious.


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